Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting my blog! This wonderful article is about making your exciting dreams come true by using moon water! If you believe in the spiritual world then you have come to the right place at the right time. Believe that you are also capable of doing anything on this planet such as passing your exams or scoring an extra goal during a football match! Whatever your desire is believe that you can do this!

You are probably wondering why I have mentioned moon water in this article. It is because it naturally came to me as I saw a full moon two nights ago and it really looked magical! I decided to set my intentions by placing my water bottle under the moon light and drinking it afterwards.

I wanted to have a blessed day so my intention was to be present in that moment, drink plenty of water and have clear, beautiful skin the next day. I also had a strong belief that my skin would look hydrated. Usually I have dry skin underneath my eyes. 

On this occasion my skin looked radiant. However it wasn't just the help of the moon light. Some might believe that it was a placebo effect and drinking water hydrates the skin. Therefore I believe that positive and visualizing my intention of having smooth, hydrated skin the next morning also helped! 

Whatever it is you desire, believe in your self! Show peace and gratitude plus you can achieve and receive anything that you desire in this world. As long as it has a positive outcome!

Thank you for reading this week's article!

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