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Thank you for visiting my blog! Very excited for you to read my article! Something different this week! I decided to join a Acting for a Film workshop and our home work for this a horror movie! So I decided to scroll through Netflix and came across Slender Man.

I am often too scared to watch horror movies and decided that this one I could probably just manage. Anything gruesome which involves blood and guts might be too much for me to handle. So I pressed play. A good day to watch a movie as it is raining outside and I am alone in the house. Making it even more of a thrill! 

As I watched this movie I was also typing up this article at the same time. 

Slender Man

Written by David Birke and directed by Sylvain White. A film on Netflix which was created in 2018. A group of teenage girls watch a video clip on the internet and are haunted by this mysterious internet legend. Slender Man has a face less, horrifying figure based in a small town called Massachusetts.

 A very chilling and creepy creature which appears in dreams, the internet and mobile phones. The 15 +  movie has a dark setting mainly in a wooded area. 

I don't want to give too much away however the characters in this movie experience delusional images leaving them traumatized by episodes of psychosis. I am glad that I didn't watch this during the night. There is a scene where this chilling, creature manifests into a tree and its claws turn into branches and it grabs one of the girls and she vanishes underneath the ground. 

She later wakes up and realises that these visions are hallucinations. Visions which have been created by a computer virus with hidden subliminal messages. If you are into these psychological movies I recommend it to those that are brave enough however it does play on your mind and I would probably not think about it too much afterwards. 

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