Hello everyone and welcome back to my post!

Now is the time to enjoy this wonderful month. The heat is on! Revamp your wardrobe and look the part! It is also a good month to de-clutter those winter drabs and replace them with summer season wear. Get ready for the beach. A place for embracing the natural beauty of the sea or ocean wherever you are in this world. Or even near a stream! 

A good way to manifest your dreams is to meditate near water and also embrace this world that we live in. Spend time in nature and observe what is around you. Engage with the surroundings of the physical elements as well as the spiritual being that you are.

Shell bead from shein.com and image of the sea from uplink.com

Also a great time to spend in the outdoors and create something different. This could be creating a new business, painting, recipe or even a baby. It is entirely your choice on which path you want to follow. Use this feminine energy to embrace your inner peace! 

Also look at jewellery that makes you feel good. Especially colours such as turquoise, emerald green, jade. They are colours which resemble cool, creative which have that calm element. A good time to manifest your desired dreams! Thank you for reading this week's article! Happy manifesting and let me know what you have manifested today whether it is some thing little or big!


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