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In today's article I will talk about using rice water. It is said that rice water is good for the scalp and hair follicles as it makes it look healthier and shinier. Although there isn't scientific evidence of this as more  research is being carried out on this topic. 

However this tradition has been used for centuries and many users have seen improvements. It is very popular in countries such as India and China. Many people use it as it is claimed that rice water contains vitamins, amino acids, inositol, antioxidants. It is probably used as a placebo.

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It is also used to stimulate hair growth for those that may have experienced loss of hair. Rice water to improve the blood circulation for the scalp. Rice water contains vitamins B, C and E according to a website called www.realsimple.com. 

I will try this method to see if it will improve the growth of my hair and also whether it will help it look shinier. I am sure this will be a good procedure as I have come across many articles on YouTube that recommend this method. 

I am on a care journey as I will be using natural alternatives to look after the health of my scalp and hair. I made the rice water supplement by boiling the rice and used a sieve to separate the rice water from the rice. I put the rice water in a plastic bottle. 

I washed my hair with a shampoo first and then I rinsed it out using the rice water. I applied conditioner to the ends of my hair and then rinsed it out with cold water. 

I applied coconut oil on my scalp after I naturally let my hair dry. This is to see improvements on my scalp to make it feel nice and smooth and generally help oxygen travel to the hair follicles. 

Thank you for reading this week's article! Let me know how you are doing with your hair care journey and any tips that you recommend! 


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