Hello everyone! 

Welcome back to my lovely blog or if you are new to this website then a very new welcome! A brief review of this performance which I watched a few weeks ago at the fantastic Curve Theatre based in Cultural Quater in Leicester! It was a spectacular show! One which I was really impressed with as it was very energetic and uplifting!

Images of a 18th Century style necklace and actors of the Cake performance sourced from Curve and Pinterest

An exciting musical show based on a revolution in France during the 18th century. Marie Antoinette was tarnished by gossip when she married King Louis. This unique performance has a modern feel to it with energetic, choreographed razor, sharp dance moves combined with heaps of upbeat songs. It tells a story about a diamond necklace which goes missing. France's reputation and it's monarchy is also at it's stake.  

A minimalist set design which uses strong lighting to set the scene. A crowd pleasing performance which will make the audience stand up and dance! Definitely worth going to see! 


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