Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting my blog! It has been a while since I last posted on this website. The truth is I took a break from writing as I have been quite busy working on various other projects. However I decided that I would type up an article today! 

Recently I have been taking good care of my hair. I am using natural rose water to clean my hair. I use cold water to keep it looking healthy and shiny. I also use a banana hair mask once a week which has made my hair feel nice and soft. Along with this ginger serum to restore my scalp's natural pH balance.

However I believe that you can also manifest the type and length of hair which you desire by using the law of attraction! This method can be used by affirming what is true to you about your hair. So if there is a particular colour or length which you may desire in your current situation, you can make this vision appear! Not just with hair, with also the health of your skin and nails too! As these are all connected. 

The secret to manifesting is to believe that you have already received your wish. How does it feel to have the hair, skin and nails? Enjoy that good, confident feeling. Feel as if you already have it and let the universe work it's magic on you! Now let go, relax and let the mysterious forces do it's wonders!

Thank you for reading this week's article today! By the way I create wonderful pieces suitable for special occasions! I would love for you to look at my website! Copy and paste the link onto your browser!


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